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2018 SVT Superfest - Virginia International Raceway - Hosted By SCMC, Shelby GT350 OA, and Track Club USA
2018 SVT Superfest - Virginia International Raceway - Hosted By SCMC, Shelby GT350 Club, Modular Boss, and TCUSA.

Join the SCMC, Shelby GT350 Owners Association, Modular Boss, and TCUSA for a weekend of open-track fun as we celebrate 15 years of the SVT Mustang Cobra. The "on track" portion of this event will be the "Full Course" configuration which is a 3.27 mile track layout. Other venues include a Saturday "SVT, Mustang, and Ford Show" and a Saturday evening banquet at a remote Automotive Museum, a private collection of car from a local owner.

Please use the drop down menu for other options besides the on track portion. 

Price list includes:

Two days on track - $550.00
One day on track - $275.00
Hyperdrive - $60.00
Car Show - $20.00
Event tee and lunch time parade laps - $30.00
Saturday Night banquet with guest speaker - $20.00 - You pay at the gate

Event Dates: April 21-22 , 2018

You do not have to pay for the entire event if you just want to do parade laps or the car show.  Just use the drop down menu and click on the car show.  The item will have a minus sign, that means the cost is $550.00 minus $530.00 or just 20 bucks to be a part of the event.  If you just want to spectate, simply click the "I just want to spectate" and the cost is $20.00 per day and includes a full car load of people.  This is a significant savings over paying 20 dollars per person at the gate. 

Try a Hyperdrive - we have a limited amount of space for hyperdrives.  In order for us to schedule a Hyperdrive for you, you must preregister for this venue as we will not be taking Hyperdrive participants during the course of the weekend.

If you paid for track time, your entry fee includes two days of parade laps so you do not have to include that in your purchase.  You also receive one free tee if you have at least one day on track.  Additionally tees are $20.00 each.  Tee shirt availability is limited to April 1, 2018, after that date, you are not guaranteed to even get an event shirt.

***SAVE up to $60.00 on this event!***

You can save up to $60.00 on this event by sending in a check and a hard copy registration form.  We recommend everyone pay by check but you can chose to pay by cc if you like.  Click here for a hard copy form and to confirm your registration.  Please make check payable to "SCMC": 

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SCMC Price: $550.00