SCMC :: Event Registration! :: 2018 SVT Superfest - Virginia International Raceway - Hosted By SCMC, Shelby GT350 OA, and Track Club USA

2018 SVT Superfest - Virginia International Raceway - Hosted By SCMC, Shelby GT350 OA, and Track Club USA

2018 SVT Superfest - Virginia International Raceway - Hosted By SCMC, Shelby GT350 OA, and Track Club USA
Please read the following carefully for event details!

SVT Superfest 2018 - Track at Virginia International Raceway.

Event Date: April 21-22, 2018

Join the SCMC, Shelby GT350 Owners Association, Modular Boss, and TCUSA  for a weekend of open-track fun. The "on track" portion of this event will be the "Full Course" configuration for all three days which is a 3.27 mile track layout. Other venues include a Saturday "SVT, Mustang, and Ford Show" and a Saturday evening banquet.

PLEASE FILL OUT ALL OF THE BOXES UNDER THE "OPTIONS" AREA.  You must fill all of this information out on-line or you will not be allowed to participate in the 2018 SVT Superfest "On Track" event, SVT Superfest Mustang and Ford Car Show, or Saturday Banquet.  Failure to fill in all of the information will cause your entry to be voided.


The SCMC Track committee will finalize all run group assignments. Driving instructors are mandatory for Group "Green" drivers. You will not be allowed to solo till the instructor feels you are safe to do so. Instructors are optional for Intermediate groups.

Convertibles without roll bars will not be permitted to run except during the parade laps at lunch. A light bar is not considered a roll bar. Bolt-in roll bars are permitted (factory installed functional rollover protection will also be permitted).  All on track participants must wear long sleeve shirts while out on track. 

This event does not have spectators as everyone is considered and will be a participant.  If you want to have access to the event, and will not be driving on track, then you will have to register for the car show even if you are registering your car for display purposes.

Incomplete information will delay your confirmation and your registration spot. If you have any questions about the track, please contact: Tony Sorrentino at, or call (803) 371-0725

NOTE: Lunch is available each day, but not provided with your entry fee.

There will not be any refunds. By submitting your credit card number for this event you are confirming payment for the 2018 SVT Superfest on Track event/Car Show at Virginia International Raceway for April 21-22, 2018. If you decide to cancel, you may find a replacement to take your place. Please notify a SCMC contact by phone or E-mail of your intentions to cancel and provide your replacement's information. Please refer to our "2018 SVT Superfest Event Packet" for rules and regulations concerning this event. This packet can be downloaded at the SCMC club website - .

The SCMC, Modular Boss, Shelby GT350 Owner's Association and TCUSA reserve the right to refuse any application for any reason or no reason at all.

By submitting this form you are agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations associated with this event governed by the SCMC, Inc, & TCUSA, LLC. By submitting payment for this event, you are acknowledging that you do not hold the SCMC, Inc, Virginia International Raceway, TCUSA, LLC, or any of their officers or organizers liable in the case of lost or stolen property, damage to your personal vehicle, or personal injury. You further confirm that you have a valid driver's license and are the age of 18 or older.

Reservation confirmations may be found in the SCMC's Bulletin board area at:

Member Price:  $550.00

Member Price with discount:  $490.00  In order to take a $60.00 discount prior to the event, you must mail a paper check and paper registration form.  Click here to pay by mail and save $60.00.  This discount is good till April 1, 2018, after that date, everyone pays the full event registration fee of $550.00 for two days on track.

Member Price after April 1, 2018:  $550.00

Price list includes:

Two days on track - $550.00
One day on track - $275.00
Hyperdrive - $60.00
Car Show Only - $20.00
Event tee, poster, and parade laps - $30.00
Saturday Night banquet at the Auto Museum - $20.00
Event Participant - $20.00

Price: $550.00
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